Bridgestone T30EVO Front Tyres

The sports touring radial which achieves the ultimate combination of fun, safety, and easy to ride. T30's light handling is retained, and straight-line stability and grip on wet surfaces, which is essential for touring tires, has been improved by optimizing the newly developed tread compound and pattern of the rear tire. Straight line stability has been upgraded by improving grip performance in all temperature regions, and by improving response performance. Handling has been improved by optimizing the tread pattern and using a newly developed compound.

n.b. 'GT' spec provides good handling and stability for heavy vehicles

Sizing and availability:

120/60-17 (available) - $229
120/70-17 (in stock) - $229
120/70-17 'GT' (available) - $249
110/80-18 (available) - $249
120/70-18 (available) - $229
120/70-18 'GT' (available) - $239

Buy a set, and we'll fit them for free!

Product Code: T30EVOF

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